Design for people. UX, Visual Design and Code

Who is ZURB?

ZURB’s mantra is “Design for people.” As a company, ZURB advocates for the end user and does its best to design interfaces that are clear and intuitive. ZURB thinks in workflows, personas, and design with a capital “D.”

Defining the ZURB style has been a progression of refining the elements that comprise our website.

Like meeting an old friend The website feels approachable and friendly through light typefaces, bright colors and warm, colorful photos to welcome visitors.

Here’s what ZURB does

ZURB owns a lot of seemingly disparate properties, so we needed to make our business clearer. After endless hours of brainstorms and whiteboarding with our president, all of our properties funneled itself into four pillars — Services, Foundation, Products, Expo — and we wanted to bring those front and center.

To do so, we took our previous homepage, stripped it of 50% of its content, and introduced those four pillars front and center to visitors on our site. The result is a homepage that tells people what we do, and gets them to the appropriate place with ease.

View on any device I developed the website responsively to ensure visitors would get an appropriate experience depending on their screen size.

A personal favorite

This was one of my favorite projects to work on internally. I learned a lot about shipping code, developing in Ruby and working with an amazing team who helped QA, develop assets and pose for pictures. I even got to go out all out on our benefits page, though I’m sad we removed Britney.

The site is extremely well done and embodies the design innovation the company offers. Emily Rasowsky, Writer at Social Driver