Yes, that was awesome. UX and Code

Problem overshare

Whenever I come across something great, I run into the problem of deciding if it’s great enough to share online. And if I do share it, is it on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest? Which audience is it for? Am I sharing too much? I created Yes List to curb those problems.

Yes List is simple: here are ten share-worthy links every week. These can be great reads, design-related news, and products that I love. It’s also my stepping stone to be a true tastemaker like Annabel Porter.

Yes! A fun and laid-back logo accompanies the site.

Testing the CMS

This side project was a way to test different CMS systems. Of all the options available, I chose Kirby for its simplicity. I’ve worked with different frameworks like Rails and Drupal throughout my career. They’re complex, and I need an engineer to bring the product to 100%.

With Kirby, I was able to ship this project without consulting an engineer. It was fantastic and a great way to get more familiarized with Markdown.

Ten things to say yes to Yes List is built on Kirby and is a simple way to undo problem overshare.

This project is still under construction and will ship Q1 of 2015.