Hello, San Francisco. Illustration

Our new home

I joined Quirky in November 2013, and up until December 2014, we worked in RocketSpace, a co-working hub in San Francisco’s Financial District. I was one of three employees at the time. Throughout the year, we started to hire more people, namely mechanical, electrical, and QA engineers, which brough our total to 40. We needed a new space.

People people everywhere I wanted to make the space come alive, so I created a variety of people to occupy the space.

Quirky San Francisco is a microfactory that develops prototypes for our community’s inventions. Additionally, it houses Uniq, our line of customizeable products. Quirky San Francisco mirrors our New York headquarters, just with a bit more machinery and nerds.

This little side project was something I did in anticipation of Quirky San Francisco’s opening. I wanted to envision the space in its completion to get myself and others excited about what’s to come.

Welcome to Quirky SF Little details make this illustration unique to Quirky’s new home in historic Buzzell Building.

The details matter

This project could’ve gone by quicker if I standardized the people, furniture, and tools. But that didn’t feel Quirky. The New York office is constantly on “Coolest Office Spaces” lists (see Inc., Business Insider, and Apartment Therapy), so I had to show off what makes Quirky San Francisco unique.

Here are some details:

  • Say hi to Robot Butler Wink, Quirky’s subsidiary company, launched a campaign with Robot Butler, so I made sure to give him a home in the Wink wing.
  • We live by our core values “Get Shit Done,” one of Quirky’s core values, hangs in one of the rooms.
  • Blackout countdown Quirky celebrates Blackout three times a year, a week where every Quirky employee gets a full week off to relax and not think about work.
  • Video control room and Eval space Every week we have Eval, a weekly ritual where we discuss great inventions and decide who we’ll crown as the next Quirky inventor. We plan to have a few of those in San Francisco, so we have a video control room on the second floor, and an Eval space on the first.
  • All the machines! Our main differentiator is the microfactory on the first floor. It’s equipped with a high-end CNC mill, plastic injection molding machine, PCB SMT line, and 3D printers to prototype and manufacture inventions.

Rules to live by Quirky’s core values. While I only put one in the illustration, we live by all six.

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