Making invention accessible. UX, UI, and Front-end code

Evolving the card metaphor

Quirky’s new invention platform utilizes the skills of the community to craft better invention submissions. When we first started the project, the community revealed that they’d like to do more than simply choose the name, tagline, and color of a product. Instead, they wanted to help others develop features, sketch designs, and create renderings.

Because the new platform relies heavily on community members working together, we wanted to find a way incorporate them across the invention process, and we started with the most prominent element on the platform: cards.

Invention cards Invention cards take on two basic forms: the representation of the invention, as well as contributions for a specific invention.

We wanted to keep invention cards as simple as possible (name, image, description) and also expand on them by providing information about the inventor or contributor. It recognizes the community, and gives the platform a human quality to it.

The deal with influence

Influence is Quirky’s way of sharing the success of an invention with the community who made it all possible. Not surprisingly, this is a huge motivator for them to get involved. In the new platform, we display influence two ways:

  • Invention cards Displays how much inventors are giving to their team members.
  • Invention cards on community member profiles Shows how much that community member has earned from submitting contributions.

Showing influence On a community member’s profile, we note how much influence they’ve gained from contributing to the invention. Hovering on that perentage will give a breakdown.

Embracing the community

With the new platform, we developed a section dedicated to finding community members who could assist in invention submissions. The challenge was to reveal enough information to show that someone was worth following.

More than a face The community cards offer metadata to show how active a community member is.

At a glance, we can see how many inventions and contributions a community member has provided, and hovering on the wrench reveals that community member’s skills.

Now in the shop

We brought the card metaphor through the finish line with the products. We wanted to keep them as simple as possible to get customers to convert. Inventors and their teammates are absent, which we did to focus on transactions.

An invention’s story is an important one to tell, so cramming it in such a small amount of real estate wouldn’t do it justice. Instead, we leave that surprise on the packaging for that last bit of whimsy and delight.

Buy me! Quirky’s product cards focus on conversion.

These card patterns are being shipped with the new invention platform, which is launching Q1 in 2015.