On a tapping spree. UX and code

Bringing it back to life

When ZURB acquired Pattern Tap back in 2012, they needed to set a roadmap to bring it back to its former glory. I was placed in charge of doing that.

After adding more than 750 new patterns with the help of various team members, we were able to successfully revive and relaunch the resource site.

Here’s what we updated and improved:

  • Exposed type and style We wanted to allow for easier browsing, so instead of having a separate tags page, we exposed them on the main app.
  • Consolidated the props feature Before the redesign, users could give props to another user based on whether they liked a pattern, or thought it was a great idea. The difference between the two was unclear, so we combined them to a simple action: ♥.
  • Eliminated user tags We found that user generated tags were often too similar (“Login” vs. “Log In”). We elimiated them and made the type/style tags more robust.
  • Browse by device type New patterns were emerging, and they included those from mobile and tablet apps. We included that with this update.
  • Rebranded the app We wanted to get Pattern Tap to be more in line with ZURB, so we redesigned it with updated UI elements.

Easier to browse The updated Pattern Tap allows users to easily browse through pages of great visual design.

Now works on mobile

The new site is helps designers gather inspiration for any project they’re working on, and it’s a great site to peruse on your mobile device.

Browse-friendly on mobile We simplified for mobile, and that meant eliminating features like adding patterns.

We shipped the new Pattern Tap in May 2013, and it was officially merged into Expo, ZURB’s destination to share thoughts on product design. After the launch, we saw a 200% increase in traffic to the other Expo properties.

My first product (now in the very good hands of @ZURB) has just been redesigned. Looks good guys. Matthew Smith, Pattern Tap Founder

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