Creating a digital scrapbook. Illustrations, visual design, and code

Say cheese!

I take a lot of photos on my phone. Most of it is random, a few Instagram-worthy, and a good chunk of them never see the light of day. But with my adventures with friends, I wanted to have some sort of album to document the journey (outside of Facebook, that is). That’s why I created Adventures.

This was an opportunity to work on my illustration skills. What started as three general illustrations ended up becoming twelve. I had so much fun doing them.

I toyed with a few color schemes and ended up with a palette that had felt retro and almost ominous. It matched well with the photo filters, and differentiated itself from traditional flat color palettes.

A cohesive style A flat style and muted color palette kept the site trendy. When in LA …

Looking good everywhere

Adventures is fully responsive. The site is meant for friends, and most of them use mobile devices to peruse the Internet.

I miss you, LA The final output makes each moment unique while still weaving into the overall story.

Hopped off the plane at LAX

My trip to LA was an adventure filled with amazing friends, great food and star-struck celebrity sightings. It was a fun side project that let me show off my style, and I’m glad I did justice to the fun times I had. Stay adventurous.

Look, I’m responsive! Simple adjustments for smaller screens allows this site to work everywhere.

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Aloha from Maui

The latest Adventures site is Maui. I spent five days in paradise and have the photos to prove it. This site took on a vibe that’s more aligned with the spirit of Aloha through lighter colors and a friendlier typeface.

Nature, sun, and Spam The illustrations highlight moments on the trip and star Maui’s gorgeous weather.

My favorite detail is on the web version of the page. The side photo changes as each day passes, and each photo highlights something from that day.

Point A to B I approached the site on a location to location basis to keep each moment concise and visual.

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