Hello, I’m Anthony Tadina. Designer and occasional foodie

Five things

Being passionate about design is a quality that all designers have. So instead of expanding on that, here are five random things about me. Designed.

  • Brain teaser junkie

    I love a good brain teaser. Lateral thinking puzzles are my favorite, and the Real Escape Game is something I look forward to every few months.

  • Cilantro’s number one hater

    I am the 10% — the 10% that have this weird gene that makes cilantro taste like soap. It sucks, and I feel like I can’t fully appreciate a lot of food.

  • Collector of good design

    You have to consume great design to produce it. I have a box full of designed goods like pins, matchboxes, and hangtags. It’s a nice balance from the digital world.

  • Michelin star gazer

    My go-to guide for good places to eat isn’t Yelp; it’s the Michelin Guide. Need somewhere fancy? Aim for Ame. Staying casual? Stick to Starbelly. So alliterative!

  • Devout Shonda Rhimes follower

    I’m a sucker for character development, so it’s no surprise I’m addicted to Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away With Murder. #TGIT